Forex trading strategy #53 (Strategy for EURJPY 15M)

Submitted by Emad

I want to share this strategy for EURJPY 15M

Indicator: RSI (14) level 50+ Stochastic (5.3.3) level 20,80

we put RSI 4H , Stochastic 15M chart

buy: RSI ( 4H more than 50 ) we go 15M waiting Stochastic to cross from 20

sell: RSI ( 4H down than 50 ) we go 15M waiting Stochastic to cross from
80 level

take profit 50 pips and trail stop 20 pips
I try it it so good , money management 10% of your capital

Download indicator: KFSE_RSI_Bars_Swing.ex4



Download EA: RSI_STO555.mq4

Edward Revy,

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Hi Emad, a great work done and agree you have contributed a valuable asset to the forum and users like me as well....if possible Can i ask you or SOMEONE a little tutorial how to use it.....bcoz terms,words,value am able to understand but my knowledge level is intermediate so it would be more helpful if you or SOMEONE here can give a small tutorial for us.....

Thanks Again :) for the work being done......

Hi Emad,
I'd like to try your EA . but you have put only KFSE RSI ind for download and i had to install the sto ind seperately and i adjusted the 20 and 80 levels, but i don't know how to set RSI level to 52 and 48 .
and how exactly i should set the indicators and EA. please let me know.


my email is [email protected]


Hi Emad,
would you please send me the respective indicators and EA files with complete instruction for adjustment and installation.


Any ideas re re-entry?

Hi Emad
very good trading system, I tried and it is good

I'm trying the EA in my demo account. Still in negative. Only 2 wks though. Will try for another 10 wks. On the first week it gave me good pips in 2 trades. But since then, loss only. But I want to give it a reasonable time before coming into a conclusion.


i had my firts entry yesterdey whit eur jpy works weel my tar5get wase 10 pibssl 20 it is not a good maney manegement but works at the end it is all abaut wining

My backtest result was fantastic. Currently doing a forward test on demo, i'm up by 350% profit in one week.... iuse tp=70pips, trailing 50pips, sl 50pips

I all.
I'm trying to test the EA on metatrader. I've tested for the last year (31-12-2011 to 31-12-2012). The result is -1082.24.
Someone can confirm this? With tester I have positive profit only in a few period.


Hello Emad ,

Very nice of you to share your strategy.
I am testing it now; but would like to chk with u :

a) have you tried it on lower time frame like 1hr? (so instead of working towards TP 50pips - we will adjust it to 20?)
b) am I right to say that if we use RSI 14 on 4 hr time frame - be it buy or sell stochastics for sell most times may be already lower than 80(RSI at level -48) and for buy stochastics may already be at higher than 20(RSI at 52+)

Because very often it is quite impossible to have the two at recommended level.

Thank you very much,

Thank you Emad. I am performing a testing now while it will last 3 months. For the past 4 days, the result is gaining more than 75% which looks cool. Would keep updating you guys progressively.

It mean wait stoch to touch 80 level and cross down to sell or
wait stoch to touch 20 level and cross up to buy


Hi Emad,

A question, i do not really understand the meaning of "waiting to cross from 20/80"?
Do you mean it is moving away from 20/80 regardless of what figure it is on or I have to wait till it cross 20/80?

Thank you

Hi Guys
I got a lot of qestions If I'm using this EA or another one , well to honest and I till every body I don't use any EA I like to work manual but I did this EA to test my strategy and try to make it better ,
Thank you all

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