Developing a system #14 (A Simple Trend Follower) + Update

Hi Guys,

My name is Clint, I'm 21 years old and from South Africa. I am a relatively new forex trader (3 months) and recently made the switch to forex, having traded single stock futures for 2 years.

This system is a simple trend follower.

a. Open a daily chart of one of the major currency pairs (e.g. EUR/USD or GPB/JPY).
b. At the close of the first day of observation, open a position in the direction of the most recent candlestick (e.g. if the day closed up, enter long).

c. At the close of that day, close the position (be it a profit or a loss) and open another, following the direction of the most recent candle.
d. Continue trading, following the candle closes.

A few of my own concerns are as follows: (comments/suggestions are welcome)

1. What about when the market is trending sideways (i.e. red candle, blue candle, red candle, blue candle)? This can translate into losses for days on end. I have thought about adding an ADX(50) indicator and only trading the system when this reads greater than 25 but I'm not sure how effective this would be.

2. Stop losses? Are they necessary and if yes, what should they be?

3. I have never been one for trading on Mondays (call it superstition) so perhaps the candle generated on Friday should be ignored?

The beauty of this system is that it is very low maintenance and one is ALWAYS in the market.
Hoping that some of you geniuses have suggestions for me!


UPDATE: March 14, 2009

I think I have improved this system and want to know what you/others think.

This strategy is called the Anti-Martingale and applies the Martingale theory but in reverse.
The basic idea is as follows:

1. Open a daily chart of any currency.
2. Wait for the ADX (14) indicator to give a reading of > 25. Once over this amount, a trend is indicated.
3. Open a trade in the direction of the trend at the end of the first day. Amount traded should be one lot.
4. At the end of the that day, close the trade. You will either have made a profit or a loss.
5. In the case of a loss, open another trade in the direction of the trend with one lot.
6. In the case of a profit, open another trade in the direction of the trend with two lots.
7. Consecutive profit days mean an increase in the number of lots traded (adding one lot each time), thus making the most of the trend.
8. This system can be traded perpetually so long as the ADX reading exceeds 25 and is constantly increasing.

Hence the name, Anti-Martingale. Martingale attempts to make up losses by increasing your position whereas this system attempts to increase profits by increasing your position.

VERY strict stop losses are required as you can end up with huge positions with huge potential for loss. Perhaps someone could give guidance on what these should be.

Please let me know what you think - good or bad. Suggestions or improvements are most welcome.


Edward Revy,

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Maybe the secret is in the Daily chart Time Frame.
I'm just trade in daily chart with only 1 ema (ema 10),
just 1 minute per day to look the open of the new daily candle.
If the open price cross the ema line, i switch position.

This system is work for me so far, not big, but enough for me.

Hi Edward... I Like your informative Website.

Best regards,
Solehudin - Indonesia

Hi Azim,

I've never used it, so unfortunately not able to help. I'm sorry.


hello edwards,

I would like to ask you how to use the kino indicator?if yellow colors means sideways...How about Blue,red,crimson,green and dark green?


For the lot size management, perhaps you could try using percentage, like 3% of balance in account, and then divide by the total pips of stop loss to get the lot size.

Eg, 3% 0f $1000 is $30, stop loss is 30 pips from entry price. And thus $30/30 pips = 1 lot.

Will it be a better way to manage?

The strategy update is very good. In fact it makes one simple to follow and profitable strategy.
Here is the basic screenshot.

Anti-martingale ADX strategy


hi all , i'm kinonen if you want download my indicators goto
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I'll make one soon.

Screenshoot Please ...



Hi Clint,

From your lot size management I understood that we could have next possible scenarios:

L - loss,
W - win
1L - a loss at 1 lot traded and so on

Example 1: 1L 1L 1W 2W 3W 4L 1W 2L - by increasing your lot size each time you win you risk to get a big loss sooner or later.
Example 2: 1W 2L 1W 2L 1L 1W 2W 3L - again doesn't work so well.

Here is what I've found in my archives: Lot size money management

Hope this might be of some help to you.

Best regards,

I'm from Durban
Good to hear there other SA readers :)

Hey Clint

My name is Lino, just wondered where in South Africa you from?

Im from Cape Town

Hey Clint my name is Dachel and I just made a system that looks like yours, take a look at this maybe you can get some ideas.

Best of luck

Follow the instructions on this page:
Let me know should you have any problems.


Hey Ed how can i download kino_2cci_34_170_v5.mq4 on my mt4 platform i use alpari

Hi Clint,

Thank you for your submission.
The system is simple in maintenecae, which is a big advantage.
I'd experiment with the following:
1. Add 9 EMA on daily chart and while below 9 EMA take only Sell orders after a red (sell) candle; while above 9 EMA take only Buy orders after a blue (buy) candle.
2. Take a look at MT4 indicator: kino_2CCI_34_170_V5.mq4. Avoid trading when indicator is yellow - it is a zone where market has a potential to move sideways.

Happy trading!

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