Forex trading strategy #1 (Simple balanced system)

Current Forex trading system represents a well thought and very simple combination of indicators. Knowing what signal to look for with each indicator, provides a strong tip for good entries and exits.

Time frame: Any.
Currency: Any.
Indicators: 5 EMA, 10 EMA, Stochastic (14, 3, 3), RSI (14, 70, 30)

EA: SimpleBalanced_1_0.mq4

Entry rules: Buy when 5 EMA crosses above 10 EMA and Stochastic lines are heading north (up) and Stochastic is not in overbought position (above 80.00 level) and RSI is above 50.

Entry rules: Sell when 5 EMA crosses below 10 EMA and Stochastic lines are heading south (down) and Stochastic is not in oversold position (below 20.00 level), and RSI is below 50.
Exit rules: when 5 EMA and 10 EMA cross in the opposite direction or if RSI crosses the 50 mark again.


Advantages: allows filtering entries and thus is more accurate.
Disadvantages: 5 and 10 EMAs can give very early exit signals.

Edward Revy,

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Edward, The ea does not work with the most recent MT4 build. Do you have one that is recent enough or could you provide one, please?

Hi. Do you have any news strategies or do you avoid trading the news>
Thank you for all the info, pity i had to pay some scammers before i found this site>

Tito, South Africa


Im Robert from EU Slovenija....working with the strategy 1 month and realy succefuly.I have only problems with false signals on smaler timeframes ,so i use the strat. only on 4h and 24h time frame. i hope that we can improve the strategy with the exit point,because there is a lot of loose if we wait for the closin cross.I think that is the best to close the trade when the actual price crose the 10 EMA. if i think wrong correct me please.

good trading!


Thanks for the strategy. I have tried a few different ones, and none have matched the simplicity and accuracy I have found with this one. I made more pips in the first 10 days of using this than I did in the 2 months before. Maybe it is a fluke, I don't know, but I like it.

Also, I saw many people asking about an EA, and I have written a couple of simple EA's and scripts and am now making on EA for this strategy.

Right now it is is alpha testing. If anyone is interested in helping with the testing, please contact me at - kleelof@Y!.com. Be sure to include a clear title so your email does not get junked.

take care,

Beginners should start with

which trading website to use? can anyone help me please

hi im bala daniel from nigeria please guys put me throug for i dont knw where to start as a bigginer.

Hi Edward
My name is Gerrard, thanks alot for such a wonderful site. I know that forex trading strategies requires trading the trend, trading top and bottom and trading breakout. What are the 3 strategies you can recommend for trading the trend?

hello edward
i'm edwin from Malaysia and i'm a new trader.
anyway thank you for shering this's a very nice site to learn something new about forex.
here i'm have a some question for you.
1).what is EMA 5 and EMA 10?wich one high and low?
2).what is diffrent EMA 34(high,low and close) betwen EMA 5 and 10?
for you information sir,i'm using EMA 34(hihg,low and close) but until now i didn't understend how to use's my frend idea.i'm new and i want to know it.thank you and i hope you replay soon.i'm very appricate you consideration for answering my question.thanks.

hey thank's for this site.i'm glad to learn somthing new from here.thanks.

Hello Edward,

I'm Zack, from Malaysia. I want to know what timeframe is very good to refer before Buy/Sell? Now i using M1 timeframe, but most expert trader using M5 timeframe and above.

Need your advice. tq

i am Azunna from Nigeria,i use ma 4 and 5 with coloured macd and moving average oscillator
buy signal: when the 2 ma crossings and macd colour change to blue and oscillator is increasing.
Sell signal: when 2 ma crosses and macd colour change to red and oscillator is decreasing

Hi Edward,
may I know is this system still valid? I have been trying out the system on various currency pairs since Monday on 15 min charts live but I have encountered a majority bad trades and failed to capture the major trend of USD strengthening against most currencies. Any advise you can provide?


EMA - exponential moving average indicator.

hello sir i m newbie i wanna know what is EMA pls reply me

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