#18 (Swing Strategy)

Submitted by Emad

Time frame: 30M and higher I prefer 1H
Currency: Any

Bollinger Bands_stop_v2 ( length 20)
Fisher ( period 30 )

Download: Swing.rar


Long: buy when all blue and fisher above zero
Short: sell when all red and fisher lower than zero

Exit: when fisher change colour
Stop loss: in long down the bollinger_bands, in short above bollinger_bands.


Edward Revy,

Copyright © Forex Strategies Revealed

thank you
thank you for sharing your system, i really appreciate it, i got a question so far, the fisher change of color but only part of the line, is this normal?, and is the right time to exit the operation or the whole line should change the color, thank you.
hi EMAD, i am very new to forex trading, what is the best time frame to use and trade, i have already lost around $100. when ever i start a trade it will start to move the other side, how to avoid this, please advise
Ok, I must try it.
Hello, I not can see the Bollinger Band. Can help me?
What is the update on the amazing strategy? Has Emad modified this strategy? Great job Emad, much love. Oritz.

Hi Emad
i have downloaded the swinger and fisher and also installed it but when i activate it, i do not see the bollinger band displayed on the platform. any help

What would be a good trailing stop to use on the daily charts?

Hi emad
Please i need help in this your system. i have tried to extract it as you said but i don't really know the exact metatrade template to past it. i have tried all i could with no positive result. please if you don't mind could you explain to me step by step how get it run on mt4. i will appriciate.

I can build an EA out of this. Contact me.
[email protected]

Great strategy! I can make an EA out of this. With: Trailing Stop TP SL Fisher Period Threshold for fake signals Trailing gap Lots per $1000 For $100 Interested?
hi, kindly send me the Hieken_Ashi_smoothed and fisher in my e [email protected] and instructions on how to install it

Hi, I'm new to forex trading and I love this strategy, but I have which indicator do most people prefer? "fisher" or "fisher repainted" and reasons why.

Thank you.


Hi Emad,I trade forex but have never seen your strategy. Looks really great. I have downloaded the Swing and Fisher files, but what do I do with them? I have no idea. Please explain to me what I do with these two files. Thanks. JP

Hello Emad! I want to say thanks for sharing your system. I actually kept an eye on your progress link on page 6 (post dated march 1, 2013). Last time I saw it a month or two ago it was at 75k. Now its around 250k! Wow! Great job.

My question is if do you still stick to the rules provided or have you found ways to make it better. Do you still use the 1 hour TF? Any advice will be appreciated greatly! Thanks.

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