Forex trading strategy #39 (Black MACD)

Submitted by Lukas

Hello, I have a nice strategy. It is called "Black MACD". Here it is.

Time frame - any
Indicators - EMA (3,18), MACD (12,26,9), RSI (14)

Rules of the game - Set color of MACD line to black, and the signal line color to white (or other color, same as your background). Signal for short position we get when MACD line is under 0 level, EMA 3 cross with EMA 18, and RSI is under 50 level. Gains we realized when one of indicators give a opposite signal

SL - near local maximum/minimum

Best regards, Lukas

Edward Revy,

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Online - there are tons of online books, educational articles etc.
..or try Market Traders Institute( ) if the question is about getting education in the very essence of it.

does anyone know? where i can get proper technical education?


For update see my post of Aug. 25 re Dr. Bob. CCi profits as with other indicators vary with time

frames. You can scalp as well as do longer trades. Each strategy has its pros and cons .

See Dr. Bob 's setup # 1 , 4 th paragraph , " Many times after the hook .......... " . This will help

keep you out of most ( not all ) bad trades. There will always be some unavoidable losers , unless you

are that rare individual who can " predict " prices in any market. Let the market TELL you when to trade,

and when to stay out ,

instead of trying to " beat " the market . Even George Soros , a multi-Billionaire has had some huge losses

trying to control the currency market. Years ago the wealthy Hunt brothers tried to corner the entire Silver

market , failed and took a huge loss . Whenever you let your EGO get in the way , you will lose. The

worst traders on the planet, with few exceptions , are Physicians and Lawyers ; for precisely that reason .

George F.

As always, the black MACD only works when trending! Be careful!

@George: Related to the CCI7 strategy.. Is it me, or are the profits mostly small?

Hello everyone -

Hold off on Binary Options. I am getting a lot of conflicting opinions on them . Caveat Emptor.

Meanwhile , for excellent info. on the CCI go to -

Concentrate on Dr. Bob's 5014 TREND CONTINUATION TRADE. Retracement trade are always more accurate .

You get fewer trades , so it requires patience and self-discipline . However , if you do not have those

qualities , do NOT trade. You will lose .

George F.

Also, what do you recommend for stops and limits? I was thinking Stop 40, Limit 70? Trailing stop or no? thanks Lukas

Joe M.


does Black MACD work with trading any pair of currency and with the daily time frame also?


Joe M.

I'm looking forward to forward testing this method also. I like the simplicity of it. Rebecca

Hi George,

Thank you for your fast answer. I will test the 2 pays ans let you know. I like the way you think.

Best regards.


Hi Dan -

Enter as soon as CCI crosses the Zero line. For some reason, the 7 parameter works better than the 14 default , and in any time frame . Another advantage of CCI is it is not as " lagging " as the other popular Indicators .

Before using CCI , I had some success with Dr. Alexander's Impulse method which utilizes MACD , and had even more success with Ichimoku. " Ichi " is fine, but if you adhere to all of its strict rules it offers very few ( though accurate ) trades . There is no one best way to trade. Some traders do very well using price action only , with NO Indicators. Other traders use far too many indicators which is redundant and confusing . By the time they match , verify and compare all the Indicators , the trade has come and gone .
One Indicator , that you thoroughly master, is all you need.

You may find that waiting for the candle to close IS better . Test and compare , and do not rush things .

I have been testing CCI 7 on Binary Options which appear to be easy , but are very tricky ; and CCI 7 is the only approach I have found to work.

Go to - Also , ( if ANYONE on this website is interested ) , do a Google or Yahoo search ............ " Information on Binary Options " . Binaries are almost completely unknown to traders .

George F.


My name is Dan and first of all I would like to thaks all this website team for their work !

My question is for George F. concerning the CCI 7 : Do we have to enter when the CCI crosses zero line going up in real time or do we have to wait the candle close?

For example in real time: the CCI signal can go from -10 to + 12 so in this case we open a long position but if the signal go from + 12 to -1 we close the position, and this can happen a lot of time so make a lot losing trades.

Could you please explain when you enter exactly ?



HERE ARE A FEW POINTERS FOR CCI 7, in any time frame & any FX pair .

Go long when CCI crosses zero line going up, and stay in as CCI goes above

the +100 line. Then , exit when CCI line goes below +100. Reverse the

rule on short trades using the -100 line . When the CCI line is wavering

about in " no man's land " , the area , or zone , between the Zero line ,

and either of the two 100 lines, it is okay to do some scalping

trades , ( but only AFTER you have practiced a bit ). This is somewhat

subjective , requiring judgment . BUT , for mechanical , no stress , " KISS "

trades , enter only on the

more solid signals when the CCI line CROSSES the Zero Line ,

as explained above . Anyone can make money in trends, but the " no man 's

land " is the dreaded sideways , whipsaw , or congestion that kills the

profits made in good trends , and decimates trading accounts.

George F.

nothing , Nothing , NOTHING beats CCI 7 ! Try it. You will like it .

George F.

Thank you, Lukas

it's a simple one, and yes, there are many similar stategies. Thank you for sharing!

For those traders, who use MT4 with the standard 1 line MACD, your guidance would be the histogram itself, while the red signal line should be set to match your chart background. The histogram above zero would give a buy signal, below - Sell.

OR you can use 2 line MACD: MACD_custom.mq4

Below is the comparison of 2 MACDs:


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