#3 The Best of EMA Crosses on S/R

AUTHOR: Ayetemimowa James
STRATEGY: The Best of EMA Crosses on S/R
Time frames: 1hr and 15min
Indicators: 5ema(close-red), 6ema(Open-blue), 20ema(close green), Daily, weekly, monthly pivot,Fibonacci retracement Weekly and Daily support and resistants, Breakout-Eagle Indicator.

PAIRS: Anything traded online that respects technicals - Commodities, FOREX, INDEXES, SHARES ETC

I will be using EUR/USD June 3 as an example.

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Dear JAmes ,

How to copy your indicators in my profilr? Pls advise.


Here it is:

Hey, Dele, the problem might be with the platform. Try demo from another broker.
When I changed my broker, I couldn't install some indis too.

Great strategy but I can not set up the alert for EMA Crossing and arrow on my MT4, can anyone help me? Pleaseeeee.......



Hi Indrek
Thanks 4 yur info but I can seen to be able to download the TRO_MM_MAXover at the website pls me out.

Hi Indrek,
It's very kind of you to share your excellent idea. May I ask if you are using H1/H4 matching D1 EMA cross, what would be your exit point and how would you calculate you stop level. Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

Hi all,
I've tried this strategy and have added the Sidus channel(EMA 18 and 28) i.e. to see the strength of the trend.It really works on the daily chart and we can trade the pair as Swing Trading.This combination works well for me.

Hi all,
I've been following this thread for a while as this strategy seems to have some potential for success. However, as on most forums, people make many suggestions regarding the efficiency of such a strategy and how it may be modified to try and improve its performance. Therefore i would like to ask if anybody is actually trading this strategy on a regular basis and making a good profit from it, and, if so, what timeframes, settings and parameters are being used. Also what percentage of wins could be expected from this particular strategy. Hope somebody can help.

Thanks for sharing this indicator trading system. Many greedy men are selling theirs. If you may have a review of it hit me at fridaybox]at[ Stay bless.

Not at the point of crossover but right after the next candle opens when trading H1, H4 or D charts.
About Fridays - it always depends on situation and the nature of the position. If I open a position on daily chart to catch several hundreds of pips then I certainly do not close it only for reason that it is Friday. And I usually do not close manually any loosing positions (I use stop losses that I never move).
P.S. My e-mail address is

Hi Indrek,
thanks very much for your reply, and your patience. One final question, for example on a short trade, do you enter at the point where the crossover occurs (if it agrees with your ADX,stochastic and CCI indicators) or do you also wait for the price to fall below the low of the candle that gave the signal before entering a trade. Also do you open trades on Friday and leave them open over the weekend or do you close your positions.
thanks again

Hi Andy,
I mean the main (full) line of Stoch. The signal line is not important at all in this context, so you may even erase it by setting its colour to "none" in the settings.

Hi Indrek,
when you say that you wait for the stochastic indicator to be either above or below 50, do you mean BOTH lines of the indicator (the full line AND the dotted line) or will just one be o.k.

thanks for the explanation of the TRO crossover indicator. I assume the "pending" crosses are the ones where the arrow is pointing to the side and not straight up or down.
P.S. your English is excellent

Hi Andy,
Usual MA crossover indicator sends a signal at the moment when the next candle opens after the crossover took place. But this TRO indicator shows also the crosses that have happened but are "pending" (not confirmed by a candle close). That is why this one is very comfortable - we may have a full picture of what is going on without re-switching the timeframes. And if all other indicators also show that the price will move to the same direction with the "pending" crossover then - why not to enter at once.
If my explanation is not very clear (English is not my native language) then I suggest that you simply activate both - ordinary MA crossover signal and this TRO version. Then you can monitor what is going on and it becomes obvious :)


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