Complex trading system #12 (Fibonacci + trend line confluence)

My name is Raja.

Here is a low risk high reward strategy.

It works best on 4H and Daily chart for all currency pairs.

Buy or sell at the confluence of trend line support/resistance and 61.8% or 78.6% fib retracement of the latest swing.

Entry should be strictly in the direction of the long term trend.

Place your stop 20 pip below or above the next fib level.

Trade with three lots. Profit target for the first lot should be twice the risk. When first target is achieved, move the stop to break even and book profit on the second lot at next horizontal supp/res area.

Let run the third lot profit till the breach of trend line or with the help of your favourite indicator to confirm the trend reversal.

Edward Revy,

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Hi Raja,

Thanks for sharing this great trading technique! How to find the target after executing the order? Thanks in advance!


Hi Marc,

no problem.
Regarding uploads, you can forward all screen shots to

they will be published.

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And I posted it on the wrong method. I am not having a good day.

Sorry I thought that I could attach a chart but I'm not sure how.

Hello all. I have a general understanding of the system but with the attached chart could you please explain what all the lines are on the chart. I see there is both a demand and supply trend line drawn and a green and orange line. What are these coloured lines? Thanks.


An example of two opportunities to Short USDCHF:

at the points where the downtrend trend line crosses 61.8 Fibonacci retracement level and also at 50.0 level.

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Hello Edward, can you please show me how the entry works?I mean where do we set our pending order?

Thank you MG,

We also wish you and all traders a wonderful and prosperous year!

According to Raja, Stop loss = 20 pips,

1st order profit target = 40 pips.
Move SL to breakeven.

2st order profit target = next/nearest support/resistance level. This one you should be able to identify yourself. If you at least put up fractals or a zigzag indicator, they'll tell you where the next S/R level is. Also if you have any round price numbers coming up (1.2300, 1.4500 etc etc), this qualifies as S/R level as well.

3rd order profit target = when a trend line is breached; or when your favorite indicator (should be one of the trend following indicators for the purpose of staying in a trend as long a possible) suggests a reversal.

Should we look at candlestick patterns at confluence levels? Not quite this time, because the point of entry is known beforehand, and so the pending orders are placed there waiting to be triggered without any prior confirmation.

You can, however, seek confirmation afterward by using, for example, the patterns/approach suggested in this strategy:

Best regards,

me again!
Also should we look at candlestick patterns at confluencing levels? what are the entry criteria?

Hello Edward and team,
First of all, a very happy new year to you all...
Was wondering abt the trade mgmt part of this strategy. Raja says open the trade with 3 lots and also, the TP should be atleast twice the do we book our profits(1st target) at the next fib level or 2 levels later to achive double the target of sl whcih should be 20 pips below the level of signal fib.
will it be possible to put up some charts to pinpoint entries and targets if that is nt too much of hassle?
Thanks a ton for yr website and guidence

We trade in the direction of a trend, you can say, we look at the trend line and determine which way to trade.

if price breaks below 0.618 level, sit tight and wait for a bounce back (I would place a pending order at 0.50 Fib and wait).
Note that on practice we're rarely given an opportunity to trade an ideal setups where price obeys the levels up to the pip. Allow some margin for an action to unfold, but keep stops in place if the market proves you wrong.


Hi edward,

can we still trade if candle closed below /above retracement 0.618 level ?

Hi Miraclegirl,

we have placed a pending Buy order on the confluence of the trend line and the Fibonacci line. As price approached, it triggered our order, but then spiked a bit lower, which is fine. (We should not worry if we have a stop in place).

Later, as you can see, the market reversed and climbed up.


Hello Edward,
Can u please explain the above strategy with candlestick charts.The trendline in above chart seems to have broken towards downside yet we have taken entry on long.or is it just a spike but the candle closed above trendline?
Cant see things clearly on line chart, hence requesting candlestick chart.
tks n regards

I believe an automated tool won't produce the required quality comparing to manual drawing.
Trend lines remain to be more of a subjective tool, a vision/opinion of an individual trader, who at the same time tries to figure out what the majority of big and small players would see and draw on their charts.

The best tool to help you draw same trend lines as other traders have is ZigZag indicator, available on every trading platform.

If you'd prefer an automated tool, use the one from TD trend lines strategy:

Best regards,

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