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My four years’ experience in the forex market, I realize the major problem of traders is entry and exit. A lot of trend trading techniques out there but you will agree that we have just few ways to filter entries and exits.
TO help traders out there I sort the permission of my company to let go one of our trading strategies for your review. Trust me, its profitable if you follow the rules.


- BB_STOP default setting (20 periods)
- Stochastic 4,2,2
- Fisher 50 periods




Apply the above indicators to your 4hour and 30min timeframes. The Direction of the BB_stop is our trend and the Fisher together with the Stochastic with multi-timeframe analysis will help for entry and exit.
When BB_Stop is SELL (for example) make sure the fisher histogram is falling (regardless the colour) as the picture below.

Ones you spot this, move to the 30min timeframe make your entry when the stochastic is on or above the 80level for a SELL. Check the Picture below

Now follow your trade. Exit the trade only when Fisher histogram of the 4hour timeframe changes direction. Close at profit or loss. Remember your risk management.

DEMO trade this strategy to convince you or visit

Happy Trading!
Crystal Markets

Edward Revy,

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this strategy is identical to FW_FisherTransformer.

You need to get MTF_Stochastic you can google that.

Crystal Markets

Hey can you please help me how i can add 4H Stoch ?? You are on M30 timeframe and you got H4 stoch my chart looks like this it is different from you

Crystal Trend is a promising trading system if proper precaution is taken. I have added a quality filter to your Crystal Trend for maximum profit and losses management. Its just a 4hour stochastic. Make sure all your entries dont go against the 4hour stochastic (14,4,7) trend. Check out the chart below. The trade of today is also based on that for EURUSD. For the trade sample of today please check the account history on

The support and resistant for this period is as below. This will help you in planning your stop-loss and take-profit.

Crystal Trend as an important update here:

Demo trading is the only way you can be convinced. If you DEMO trade for 6month, no other person can convince you better.

Crystal Markets

hi, i have only one question. Is This strategy well profitable ? If it is please tell me your adventure about profit percentage. thanks

the solution in the "COmment" will solve a lot of your problem

Crystal Market

For those of you who may have troubles using this system, I will advice you point out a particular day you see a setup and you have a problem handling it, let us discuss it. OK.

Crystal Markets

"I would use the BBSTOP as the stoploss, kinda like the psar..

Im sure any pair would be good, but I wonder how this system would hold up in a ranging market...


Which Timeframe you used the Bband Vstop as your Stop Loss ?


Hello i.m using the fisher correct-accurate indicator for confirmation(bar length) and the rsi 8 and ma8(first indicator data)for exit,everything else is the same as crystal,results look promising,and no REPAINT.

This system is not working for me as using the indicator posted by crystal,simply tells you to hold a position,however 2 bars on after you are in a loosing position the indicator repaints the bar length and then tells you should have exited for a small profit 2 bars earlier,this indicator is not good if you are using it to exit when the bars repaint after closed.
Any ideas on another indicator to use?as i think the system is good.

Can this strategy be used in the TF H1 on M15? or have to change the settings?
Hi Edward, can u post Fisher_Yur4ik_Correct-accurate in a zip file please...

Please use as described in the setup and you wont have problem with repaints

Crystal Markets

Hi, so which from the two indicators we should use ? I mean wouldn't the 30 min stochastic filter take care of the false signals due to repaint?Thnaks.

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