Scalping system #5 (Tops & Bottoms)

Probably the greatest dream of all scalpers is to be able to pick the right top or the right bottom of the price when trading Forex.

We are glad to bring to your attention the system that may become one of your favorite.
To save time we won't re-post it here, please follow next link to read the rules: "Tops and Bottoms" Forex trading System.

Simply follow the rules and aim for a short target/quick profits no matter what time frame you will end up with while searching for the required parameters.

For exits you may follow next suggestions, or create your own rules:
1. Exit on the close of the first long profitable candle when trading 1 hour or higher time frames.
2. Exit after 2 (or 3) consecutive profitable candles from the moment of entry when trading small time frames.
3. Exit with Bollinger Band as described in the strategy.

Happy scalping!

Edward Revy,

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great strategy one of the best
from Wash

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