#9 MACD filter RSI

Currency: EUR/USD, USD/CHF
Time frame: 1 HOUR
Indicators: MACD(12,26,9) RSI (7) MACD DOT (12,26,9)

Download: MACD_Dot.mq4

BUY SİGNAL: After RSI touched oversold area(20) wait for the first Blue MACD dot appear, close the candle then buy.

SELL SİGNAL: After RSI touched overbought area (80) wait for the first Red MACD dot appear. close the candle then sell.

Stop Loss: I put 50
Take Profit: 35

you can see the details at the attachment..

MACD Filter RSI trading system

Edward Revy,

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In the script, I don't see RSI being used at all? Can you clarify/explain where the RSI and overbought/oversold parameters are set? Thanks!

Risk to reward ratio needs to be improved here, and I think a trailing stop is better here.

Best MACDs are here:

Hi Edward
I like the MACD used at Oanda it enables exit when Histogram changes colours .How can i code to MT4 or where can i get a download of the same .


i'm googling around about online forex or online forex brokers and came across - MF Financial Ltd, do you guys try this website before, is it trustable? They even have free demo before invest, any feedback about this website?

thanks man,lol....

thanks for your kindness, but it has refused to download into my meta 4 trading platform. can you kindly tell me what to do?

Guys, has anyone downloaded the news "Trend+Range" forex system? Apparently it can trade BOTH trending AND ranging market conditions using the same system. It looks pretty awesome actually.

Here's the link to download it for free:

Thank for the Macd

I made a little test for this strategy... I highlighted all events which meet exactly described conditions and measured which comes first 35pip profit or 50pip stoploss... period 3rd may to 1st september... result: -95pips

how do you copy and paste this in to MTrader

this also works on lower time frames which is good for scalping. I wouldn't use it on 1-minute though.

Hi Jilles and Abdul,

Often Forex brokers allow only 1 month of demo trading. But you can always create a new demo account and continue practicing. You can back-test the strategies on demo account too.

To make the SAR indicator sound alerts, one should write few lines of code; unfortunately, I'm not familiar with MQL language; I always recommend for traders seeking help in coding indicators.

Best reagrds,

Edward, Thank you very very much
Link was very helpful and easy to understand step by step instructions, I was able to import Macd dot indicator into Met4 platform, thanks again
Now is there any alerts available such as if my P Sar indicator changes its position from sell to buy or buy to sell, it wakes you up.
is there any link and how to import instructions available


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