Scalping system #6-a (Trend Trades)

The popular EMA Bands/Guppy EMA strategy which you all know about has got a happy continuation.

Let me introduce "Trend Trades" by Walter, who has done some great job with moving averages and came up with a system that uses Variable Moving Average (VMA) in its core.

Trend trades

You will be able to learn the principles and rules of trading from the .pdf files attached below.

Let's just say that with a handy VMA indicator you will have more vision in telling trending markets from sideways moving markets and jump on in a trade that is developing a healthy momentum.

Enjoy trading!







All you have to do is unzip a template and then put it in MT4 folder called "Templates".

When you open a trading Platform go to: Menu Charts -> Template -> Load Template.. -> FantailVMA3.tpl

If you don't see your template file there there might be 2 problems:

a) you haven't restarted a platform after copying files;
b) you've copied .tpl file to /Experts/Templates folder instead of main /Templates folder.

Well, everything else should work like a charm.
See you on the wining side!

Edward Revy,

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Is this strategy still in use by anyone??

All i have is a yellow line i am on Mt4,does any one have a suggestion

Again, Thank you Walter for a Great Scalping System..
I have modified it by adding the VMA4Turbo (First Entry only in inputs)
and an indicator from Currency Messenger. It seems to be a great combination
especially for confirmation..see attached

It is a Great Scalping System.
Thanks a lot for your research & sharing.

Yc M'sia


It is not working in SIG trader.
Any solutions.......

Hello , I am a beginner and I would like to test this strategy in MT4. The template however is configured on ADX length 2 , weighting 2,0 MA mode 1. As others already did notice , this is different from the settings on the images in the PDF , which is 4 bar EMA with 8 bar ADX .So I have a different rainbow , with the black line most of the time crossing through the candles.Can anyone please tell me which inputs I must set into the indicator to obtain the same rainbow as on the PDF-images.Thank you.

please how can i get this indicator ,,it looks interesting.thank you

Hello, the system is very promising indeed. Would be great if more people who has tried the system can put more input to the thread. I have few question. I trade on 15mins and 5 mins charts

1. On 15mins chart when the black line crosses magenta line it is said to be a up or down trend, but what happens when on 15mins chart the black line crosses and when you go on 5mins chart the black line has already crossed magenta line do we wait for a pullback or we straight away enter the trade.

2. Do we use any other indicators like MACD or Stoch.

3. Do we enter only when the black line crosses magenta line for the first time

4. If someone can help us with the exact rules to enter as the pdf is well explained but has some confusing explanations.

Many thanks

Wow, first of all I want to say thank you to Walter for this amazing free PDF file on rainbow trading and to FSV for sharing it. I got into trading the rainbow using the Cyrox "system" but was left uneasy with the hyper timeframe and no direction of entry and exit rules. I am an experienced and very profitable swing trader but wanted to add scalping to my arsenal. The rainbow is an amazing tool to help your brain decipher price action. If for anything the rainbow simply makes it so easy to see what is going on with the price on the lower timeframes. It takes away that noise and inserts the important information straight to the skull :). Thank you again! I would suggest to any new trader to pick 1 or 2 currency pairs and really get a handel for how they move. This system is great in itself but if you understand a currency pair then you will be able to use this system to the fullest on that particular pair! Thanks again!!

I get only one yellow line, why? I placed both files in right catalogues. Could anyone help me?


Hi Bidhata and others,

As soon as you set the default template, you can configure the remaining indicators manually to the required parameters. The most important thing about the template is that you don't need to setup the entire EMA rainbow manually.

Best regards,

@ edward
plz help.


very good notice.
I was about to ask the same thing.
Can anyone shed some light on this plz ?
can a properly configured Template be posted to help beginners out?


Please, in the pdf, the images says that "Fantail VMA... (4 Bar Exponential MA with 8 bar ADX)". The Template isn't configurated so. has anyone configurated the template with these parametres?


Hi Paul,
Yes, it would be possible for a trader with programming skills.
I'm not the one, but people at MQL community could do it for a fee:
Or at you can try requesting some free help from forum members.

... or may be some of our visitors would be willing to help. That would be great!

Best regards,

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