Complex trading system #2 (“2-Cross”)

Currency: GBP/USD (preferred) or any other.
Time frame: 3 hours (preferred) or 4 hours.
SMA 200, SMA 100 – these are two influential SMAs; you will find price “obeying” their boundaries.
SMA 15
MACD (12, 26, 9)

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Hi Edward,
Thanks for all the good work on the strategies you are providing. My Question is, on the 4 hour TF, do you recommend i stick with the 5 EMA, 15 SMA or i go for the 13 EMA, 34 SMA?
and i am assuming with this strategy you do not need multiple time frames as the larger MA's give you the general trend direction, correct?
Warm Regards

Is not good to enter in the marke betwen those MA, is betther wait.

Can I enter the market when price is between 100 and 200 sma's?

I am in forex for 7 months and this is the best strategy I have ever had. Thank you man. Per week I made 75 Procent of my accaunt.

Just wanted say thanks for the strategy works great with varies other technical ie candlesticks, trend lines and support and resistance lines for help in entry and exit signals, also I thought id let you know I have back tested on 5, 15, 30min and 1 hour charts also works great, though constant chart watching is needed for the smaller time frames and there are a lot more false signals but especially with Support and Resistance and candlesticks help in filtering out the good trades from the bad, once again thanks for this great free strategy.

Thank you Peter,

In fact, the settings will be the same for 1 hour TF.

Kind regards,

Hi Edward,

Mate this is an awsome site to learn forex. Thankyou. You've heard this many times but is true. What settings can you recommend for 1 hr time frame for this process?



Tried this strategy on GBPUSD for the past few days but only incurred losses.

Thank you!

Hi Edward!
Thank you so much, this is fantastic! so many people are profited from your systems, may God bless you

Hi Jack,

the answer for both questions is "yes".

When 100 SMA is about to cross or just crossed 200 SMA there will be a lot of selling/buying going on, so keep stops in case you're wrong on a trade and most importantly let the price to decide where it want to stay (above or below those SMAs) while you're waiting for a safe 25 pips distance away from those SMAs t start trading.

As a rule, there is indeed a good opportunity to capture good number of pips when the price crosses those Moving averages. Treat SMAs as moving support/resistance levels, this will give you an idea of market preferences when it comes to dealing with those levels.

Happy trading!


Hello Edward

Thanks much for the wonderful work you are doing out there. I just bumped into this strategy and trying this on a demo. I understand what you said about the significance about the 100-SMA & 200-SMA. But two question related to this:

1. Is the 100-SMA and 200-SMA crossover something that you should care about?

2. You mentioned if either the 100-SMA or the 200-SMA crosses the candles, one can expect huge price change. Is there any way that this can be treated as an oppurtunity to rake in huge profits, probably by using some other indicators/strategies to identify the trend?

Thanks again and you are my new guru.


Thanks very much Edward!

Here's wishing you a Merry X-mas and a very happy new year!


Hi Balaji,

Not an easy question to suggest a strategy, as I've seen the proof that what works for one trader may not work at all for another. As investors, we're all different.
Nevertheless, take a look at this forum topic, where I've mentioned some of the strategies:

In MT4 you either need a custom indicator to help you with Support/Resistance, or you can tr to define those areas yourself, based on your vision of the market & your experience too.
If to use indicators, try this one: S_R_lines.mq4

Best regards,

hello Edward

I am a newbie to Forex and I ve traded in demo account for three months in the website and then entered into a live account in and have lost $550 USD within a week with the whole account wiped off.. And I came to know about myself that I am not aware of using indicators and strategies . Now I have entered into a demo account again to practice more and thats when I came to know of your well reputed website and I need some valuable advice on what strategies should I trade and also some tips . Plz also tell me how to open support and resistance in MT4 platform ?

I hope the best


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