Complex trading system #2 (“2-Cross”)

Currency: GBP/USD (preferred) or any other.
Time frame: 3 hours (preferred) or 4 hours.
SMA 200, SMA 100 – these are two influential SMAs; you will find price “obeying” their boundaries.
SMA 15
MACD (12, 26, 9)

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oh by the way Edward,at what stoploss do u recommend for TF 1 hour,pair GBP/USD with 100usd capital to start,any suggestion?


Hi Azim,

MACD doesn't necessarily has to cross in oversold/overbought zone. I use any MACD cross in or outside the mentioned zones.

Although, MACD crosses that happen to be in those oversold/overbought zones usually promise a stronger signal.

Kind regards,

Dear edward,

Do you consider these factors before making entries,

1. Buy when the MacD is oversold and it crosses?
2. Sell when the MacD is overbought and it crosses?
3. or do u recommend to enter the trades as long as macd cross no matter the macd is in oversold or overbought condition?

Looking forward for your reply


Nice Macd Edward..I really Like it;)


Hi Azim,

try this one:


Hello Edward,

how can i get the MACD indicator?because my MACD is different from that picture..let me show you

As you can see My MACD has one wondering how can i get the MACD cross?


Hey Norbert,

This video link should help you run indicators on MT4:



Hi everyone. Im Newbie, but impressed about You do here. Right now I am reading through all the information available here. Previuously You mentioned "Good Macd.mq4" and Missing wellxAMA dots".mq4. How can I run them on MT4 platform?
Thank You for Your help in advance.

Hi James,

34 SMA is simply more popular than 15 SMA. It is also smoother, which means we'll have fewer occasions with 5 & 15 SMA fusing in together, making it difficult to pick up a signal.

Best regards,

Hey Edward,

In the beginning strategy you recommend to set the first sma to 15. Later in the posts, you say setting it to 34 is good when using other pairs. Can you explain why it would be better to set as 34.


P.S. Thank you for all your hard work with this site.

The first cross of blue and yellow SMA on Feb 11 is inviting, but we're close to 100 SMA (if price is less than 25 pips away from 100 SMA - it's better to wait).

Few candles later price drops below 100 SMA - that's the time to get in (25 pips distance rule still works).

On Feb 12 - another yellow x blue cross - another entry opportunity once MACD catches up.

Best regards,

I have a question. Im trying to create an indicator for this strategy. Can someone verify that at around 11 Feb in the picture this is the correct timing to sell? I think that if you say enter when the cross is locked into place then this is the place that one should enter, but im not quite sure.


Hi everyone, My name is Jeff, and I have been doing MQL programing for the last couple of years, as well as learning Forex trading. I have also been working with some of the strategies from this web site, with mixed results. I had early success with this double cross strategy in December with an 86% win rate. However, it began to decline in January. I think it is a good strategy, but needing some improvements in filtering and entering trades. I have always ben taught to buy weakness and sell strength. So, I’m now getting into using Fibonacci levels to see if I can get in the trade when it has reached the end of a retracement. I also have been trying to use a parabolics flip to enter after price reaches the end of the retracement, with not much luck so far. I’m using 4 hour time frame for the double cross and the ma’s. However, I have just added RSI and Stochastics on the daily time frame as well. My Fib numbers are calculated on the 4 hour time frame, and so has my parabolics flip, but doing so I have not been able to get it to trade at all. I’m thinking about putting the parabolics flip on a 1 hour time frame and see if this helps. I could use input from people who have tested this strategy over time with good results. If you contribute use full tricks to building a profitable automated E.A., I’m willing to give you a copy for yourself. Look forward to hearing from you. My E-mail is jeffk53(AT)comcast(DOT)net

Thank you, Jilles

Happy trading!

Hi Edward.

There is so much to read all over the Internet about strategies, especially for FOREX. However, your site is the best! Thanks man, keep up the good work. This strategy is one of my favourites. It is important for me the strategy isn't too complex, I think for everyone, otherwise you gonna get very confused. It is also important for me working with some "slower" timeframes. In any case slower as 1 hour to filter false signals and movements.

Thanks a lot Edward, you're great man!

Regards from The Netherlands,


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