Complex trading system #2 (“2-Cross”)

Currency: GBP/USD (preferred) or any other.
Time frame: 3 hours (preferred) or 4 hours.
SMA 200, SMA 100 – these are two influential SMAs; you will find price “obeying” their boundaries.
SMA 15
MACD (12, 26, 9)

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I thing better used the basic of this method, is good enough,

For me the problem is which better we use H3 or H4 ?

Here's the look for H3 Oanda :

forex trading system

& H4 for Metatrder.4 (Alpari Broker) :

forex trading system



Are there EA on this site for upload/download? If so, I don't see them.

Thank you for your kind words. Your feedback is very important to our team!
Its truly my pleasure to help you and other traders succeed in Forex!

Happy trading!


Hello Edward Revy,

Where have you been since have been looking for a GREAT techniques that most people will SELL for $300 or more that you give FREELY.

I have bought alot of product online just to make a living from FOREX not knowing you exist with such GREAT techniques.

As these morning am running GBP/USD @ $628.00, AUD/USD @ $434.00, USD/CHF @ -$43.00 and EUR/USD @ $45.00.

Edward, thanks a million and GOD will BLESS you for these great techniques revealed to us that have lost hope in FOREX.


That's very good news!

I'm very glad for you. Stick to your rules, better write them down.

Happy trading!


Hi Edward,
You saved me! Began using your system 11 days ago, and account is up 100.51% already. Applying it to GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, and AUD/USD with GOOD results. Nice!

Thank you, David

ADX will work. Also 50 SMA will work.
With ADX you'd look to avoid trading when it reads below 20.
I like this explanation of ADX indicator.

With 50 SMA (on any chart you choose to trade with): if 50 SMA goes flat, e.g. moves horizontally across the charts, you take no trades, instead try to draw simple channel lines above and below the price range and get ready to trade the breakout.

Yes, just recalled, I found one MT4 custom indicator I liked.
It is wellxAMA.mq4
Besides telling you which way to trade, it also can help to determine the periods of ranging markets.

Here is a quick screenshot with one of the ranges selected:

Ranging markets Forex strategy

By the color of the dots you determine a trend.
But when a dot is missing, you get ready to trade in the range. Quite simple.

Regarding favorite strategies, I often trade Advanced #5.

Best regards,

Hello Edward

Of course, I must first say you have done a wonderful work on this site and with many of your idea. Marvelous!

I particularly appreciate this [2 cross] idea: appealing, simple, successful.

Question 1: since this will not do well in quiet markets would use of ADX be helpful or merely keep you out of positions?

Question 2: do you have a personal (successful) favorite strategy from the site? One you choose to regularly trade?

Best to you, David

Yes,this very helpful
thank you very much and I hope you can keep your useful and helpful contributions,
thanks again and best regards

Hello all,
I feel like most of the people posting on this forum do not realize they are gaining or losing pips due to luck! Unless you are trading at pits and peaks and not making any note of it, there should probably be more consideration of time scales, supports, and resistance. I feel that those who are losing pips due to this system are not placing their buy at a support(downtrend) or resistance(uptrend), but rather going long or short the instant the indicators look right. Try observing a single currency pair historically. Pick a date(current works best), and start with a day chart, then progress down through 60 minute, 30 minute, using whatever intervals you have. Look at how that currency pair is almost always falling to "support" or rising to "resistance." Each one of those falls or rises is made up of more smaller scale falls and rises. This continues all the way down to the ticker. Most people can spare a few pips, so viewing the ticker may not be important, but even on a minute chart large fluctuations can occur, which can put many people at a loss.

To avoid this loss, you need to wait for the next support or resistance on the chart with the largest time scale you are trading with(the main one you use should be the largest one - so 1 to 3 hour is fine for this system). Sometimes, waiting for a support or resistance could take too long, and in that case I would honestly say just dont do the trade. Some people do have the capital to spare enough pips that these fluctuations should not matter, but most people probably do not, so just take a look at what I had to say and consider it.

Some tools you might find useful in analyzing when exactly the support and resistance levels occur are the SMA with a low period rate (20 - 25), and stochastics which are also very helpful, but can be misleading in some cases.

Good Luck to all and hope this helps!

Thanks Edward,

Unfortunately yesterday I loose 50PIPs with the 2H set-up :(

Do not recommend definetly...

P.S: If I should have traded on the 4H it was working fine.

I thought it may be helpful for the others.

Hi cK,

I haven't used it for 2 hour time frame and would appreciate your research on that.
Thank you :)


Hi Edward,

I believe most in this system among your various trading systems.
One simple question.
Altough 3H is the preferred timing, does it work in 2hours also? Did you test it? If not, I started testing it ;)


The higher the time frame the less false signals are expected. That's the only reason.
But actually you may try hourly time frame as well if you use this system for entries only. Exits should be found by using other methods.



First off, thank you for these strategies. I'm a fairly new trader fresh out of a basic FX course & am now looking to develop a strategy of my own. I'm very intrigued with this 2-Cross method & have been playing with it in my demo account, mixing with other methods as well. I was curious if there was any specific reason why you recommend a 3 hour frame for this? I've noticed that the indicator (double cross) really does lag behind on the 3 hour chart & only gives a complete signal by the time the pip move is almost completed. I experimented with the 1 hour time as someone else mentioned and it seemed to give the signals just in time for the pip moves, but in the majority of my trades, I seemed to only take losses (lines would cross one way only to quickly round back the other way) so now I question the hour chart's accuracy and/or potential for false signals. Is there any light you could shed on this?

Thanks very much!


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