Complex trading system #2 (“2-Cross”)

Currency: GBP/USD (preferred) or any other.
Time frame: 3 hours (preferred) or 4 hours.
SMA 200, SMA 100 – these are two influential SMAs; you will find price “obeying” their boundaries.
SMA 15
MACD (12, 26, 9)

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Thank you, Luigi

"Let me know how I can adapt this strategy for all currencies, and above all for daily time frame"

To adapt, I would try to, first of all, change SMA 15 to SMA 34, and run a few tests. Might be that it is all that is needed.

"..also is it appropriate to entry long when prices are above 100 and 200 sma? (and vice versa)"

It is appropriate and you should be looking to go long when price trade above 100 & 200 SMA, and short when below.

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Hi Edward i'm Luigi from italy, first thanks for everything you do on this site, you are great. Let me know how I can adapt this strategy for all currencies, and above all for daily time frame, also is it appropriate to entry long when prices are above 100 and 200 sma? (and vice versa). Thanks again. Luigi!!!

Hi Carlo,
If someone is, I'm not aware of this :)
I would be very grateful for a custom EA.

Happy testing and trading!

hi Edward,
Great work, this system looks good. I think it's a pity you can't trade it in an EA at this moment. I am going to try and find someone who can do this for me. Then some testing and fine tuning, maybe with a risk setting you can adjust. Would be very nice. Or is someone already busy on that?

Will be following this thread.
Kind regards,

You can contact me at support(at)

Hi Edward,
thanks for this simple and great strategy. Hoping to implement this asap. Great work.

Muhammad Rizwan

This one?
"1. Never open a trade if price is less than 25 pips away from 100 SMA or 200 SMA."

It is pretty simple. Any time you glance at charts, you can tell approximately how close the price is to the moving average, and even calculate the distance precisely.

The reason for staying aside when price trades near mentined SMAs is because these SMAs act as moving support/resistance levels, which inevitably means that the market will be changing trends, pausing, ranging, breaking there - in other words, producing all kinds of shifts and moves, except for the most desired one for us - trending.


rule 1 is slightly confusing....

Somebody can tell me please where can I find an EA based on this strategy ? Thank u.
Very good site !!!!

Hello everybody, great site, great people. Keep up the good work !!!

Does anyone have backtested results?



As I mentioned earlier, the system will be able to take you out of the trade before your protective stop is hit, e.g. "2-cross" condition with a signal to exit will come first.

You may, however, at least once a month, have a case when price will reverse too sharply, especially during times when high impact news hit the air.
But, overall, this scenario won't repeat itself very often.


Hi Edward,
Thank you very much for this great strategy. God bless you.
My last 12 trades are successful (200%). it works very well.
But I have a question.
I always use the nearest support / resistance as Stop Lost. But sometimes, doing that, my ST is about 150 pips from the opening. It's more secure but little stressful, thinking that for any raison, the price turn back and hit it. Is it the right way? According to your experience, how often, that situation can occur ( sudden turn back and hit Support/resitance)?

Many thanks for the reply. Great site and great work by you and your team!

Exactly, irrespective of crossing of MACD and the 5 and 15. As soon as there is a close on the opposite side of either 100 or 200 Moving average, we go in, our risks are small in case price returns back, while profit opportunities are high.


Hi Edward,
The 'do enter the market if price has crossed 100 or 200' rule; is that irrespective of crossing of MACD and the 5 and 15? In other words, as soon as the candle has closed above (or below) these two, you immediately enter the trade?

Many thanks


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